The Best Maine Campgrounds for a Quiet Getaway

If you’re looking for a quiet Naine camping getaway, this guide is for you! 

While there are so many campgrounds in Maine, I’ve chosen a few of our favorites that we think you’ll find extra quiet. 

Some of the campgrounds below are state parks but most are private campgrounds. They span the entire state of Maine from the Southern Beaches to Aroostook County in Northern Maine. 

I’ve included a few of our favorite activities near each campground and reasons we love the area. 

All of the campgrounds offer both tent and RV campsites. 

First, let’s talk about two ways you can ensure a quiet Maine getaway. First, the time of year you visit and secondly, choosing the right location. 

Fogg Brook Resort Campground

The Best Time of Year for a Quiet Maine Getaway

If you’re hoping to have a quiet Maine vacation, think about visiting during the spring, fall and winter. 

These will be the quietest seasons in Maine with the exception of Christmas which picks up and also around peak foliage season which usually occurs the last week of September into early October.

It’s kind of hard to camp in winter, although we do offer a few year round campgrounds. But for the most part, you’ll probably want to visit in the spring or the fall. 

May or September tend to be the best shoulder seasons with the best weather. 

October can also offer great camping, but the campgrounds often close by the middle of October. 

April can be wet so I don’t necessarily suggest camping then and most of the campgrounds aren’t open yet.

Best Regions in Maine for a Quiet Getaway

The second tip for securing a quiet campground is to go beyond the well beaten path for tourists. 

Typically, tourists will visit Southern Maine, Portland, the Midcoast towns such as Camden or Rockland, and possibly Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  

But if you’re truly looking for a quiet experience (away from the crowds), I would suggest areas like Western, Downeast, or Northern Maine. 

Even if you visit in the peak of summer, by staying in these lesser visited regions, you’re more likely to have a quiet camping experience.

What is Considered a “Quiet” Maine Campground?

When we think of “quiet” campgrounds, the first thing that comes to mind is an overall sense of relaxation and peace. These campgrounds won’t necessarily be the most exciting options in Maine, but they offer a secluded, laid back atmosphere, and are simply less busy than neighboring options. 

My husband and I pride ourselves on avoiding crowds so we prefer campgrounds that are smaller, with less activities, and usually that are off-the-beaten-path.

An added benefit of quiet campgrounds is they tend to be less expensive. Because they offer fewer amenities or organized activities, it’s easier to keep the costs low. A win-win in our book!

Quoddy Head State Park

Our Favorite Quiet Maine Campgrounds

This is our list of our go-to Maine campgrounds when we’re looking for a quiet Maine getaway! Below we’re listed how far each location is from Portland, Maine as a reference as well as the dates each campground is open.

Fogg Brook Resort

Palmyra, Maine ( Maine Highlands Region)

1.5 hours north of Portland

Open May 1-Oct 15

First up is Fogg Brook RV Resort. This is a fantastic campground for a night or two if you’re traveling from Southern Maine to Northern Maine. And of course, if you love golfing, this is a perfect campground for you as they offer a full 18-hole course.

I have to say, the sunsets here were gorgeous, I was super impressed. And because it’s a golf course, it’s relaxing and quiet. 

They also have a fantastic restaurant on the premises, Foggy’s Pub. Be sure to stop by for a margarita;)  

We really enjoyed walking around during sunset and having a fire with a beautiful view of the golf course. 

Our Favorite Activities Near Fogg Brook Resort:

Maine Alpaca Experience near Fogg Brook Resort Campground

Sunset Point RV Park

Lubec, Maine (Downeast Maine)

4 hours north east from Portland

2 hours north east from Bar Harbor

Open May 23 – Oct 15

Next, let’s talk about Sunset Point RV park located in Lubec, Maine. 

Fun Fact: This is the easternmost campground in the US!

Overall, Lubec doesn’t get as many visitors as towns further south on Maine’s coast because it’s so far up the coastline. 

Located 2 hours north of Bar Harbor and 4 hours north of Portland it takes a while to get up to Lubec. 

This area caters to those who have time to travel slowly up the Maine coast or those who might be traveling to Canada. (Although you’ll want to access Canada from Calais, Maine or Houlton, Maine instead of Lubec).

We love this campground for the views. It’s so beautiful on the soundside of the Atlantic ocean. It’s incredibly calm and this little inlet is so beautiful at sunset. 

Sunset Point RV Park

We highly recommend booking ahead to get prime campsites 12a and 12B

Right on the water, this campground is extremely small. There’s only a handful of sites, so it’s always quiet. There’s really nothing for amenities or activities at the campground, but it’s so relaxing. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this campground is great. 

Our Favorite Activities Near Sunset Point RV Park:

  • Visit Quoddy Head State Park
  • Hike along Cobscook Shores Trails 
  • Bike over to Canada’s Roosevelt Campobello International Park

Wild Duck Adult Campground and RV Park

Scarborough, Maine (Greater Portland region)

15 minutes south of Portland

Open May 1 – Oct 20

Next up is Wild Duck Adult Campground and RV Park. The best thing about this campground is the location. You really can’t beat the proximity to one of Southern Maine’s most popular beaches, Pine Point beach.

If you’re hoping to travel to Portland with your RV, you won’t find any campground closer than Scarborough or Freeport.  

I also loved how this was an adult only campground. This was our first experience at an adult only campground and therefore we found it to be even more quiet than some of the other campgrounds nearby.

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Our Favorite Activities Near Wild Duck Adult Campground and RV Park:

  • Beach day at Pine Point Park
  • Day trip to Portland’s Old Port
Pine Point Beach in Scarborough Near Wild Duck Adult Campground and RV Park

Cathedral Pines Campground

Eustis, Maine (Western Maine)

2.5 hours north of Portland

Open May 15 – Oct 1

Our next favorite quiet campground is Cathedral Pines Campground. 

This is a beautiful campground located on Flagstaff Lake in Eustis. Maine. This campground is great for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and is overall a relaxing, quiet campground. 

Fun Fact: Cathedral Pines is one of the most highly rated campgrounds in Maine

There’s amazing hiking available at Bigelow Mountain close by. There’s also a great day trip to Chain of Ponds which offers amazing views of multiple skinny ponds very close to the Canadian border.  

Our Favorite Activities Near Cathedral Pines Campground:

Mount Blue State Park Campground

Weld, Maine (Western Maine)

2 hours north of Portland

Open May 15 – Oct 1

Next, let’s talk about one of our favorite Maine state parks, Mount Blue. 

There are a few things that we absolutely love about camping at Mount Blue State Park. 

First, this is one of the only state parks in Maine that offers water and electric hookups. Only 6 of Maine’s State Parks offer hookups: Aroostook, Camden Hills, Peaks-Kenny, Rangeley Lake, and Sebago Lake State Park. 

Mount Blue also has incredibly spacious and private campground sites. 

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Our Favorite Activities Near Mount Blue State Park:

Mount Blue State Park

Sagadahoc Bay Campground

Georgetown, Maine (Midcoast and Islands)

1 hour north east of Portland

Open May 1 – Oct 31

There’s also Sagadahoc Bay campground in Georgetown. This is one of my favorite campgrounds. 

We absolutely loved the water views and especially loved kayaking in Sagadahoc Bay (right from the campground!). 

We got to see porpoises (tiny dolphins) and seals while kayaking and it was a lovely experience. 

There are 2 parts of this campground, there’s a wooded part mostly for tents and pop-up campers. And then there’s a more open part which is on the water and offers a view of the ocean 

When we visited in July, the wooded part was extremely buggy with mosquitoes and flies, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend camping in that park. But we found that the RV section was totally bug free.

This is also a great campground for those looking for an ocean front or ocean view campground, but not wanting to pay above $100. Similar experiences in Bar Harbor and Kennebunk are easily over $100. 

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Our Favorite Activities Near Sagadahoc Bay Campground:

Sagadahoc Bay, Maine

Final Thoughts

This is only a few of the dozens of quiet camping options in Maine. It’s easy to find a campground you’ll love, but I hope our list gives you great ideas for places to try out. 

Whether you venture into the western region of the state or all the way to Downeast Maine, you’re sure to enjoy the beauty that Maine has to offer on a quiet camping getaway.